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Bridging Lenders

Deedle can connect you to a Bridging Lender today! We work with over 30 specialist bridging lenders to source the best possible rates and will provide you with a quote to suit your borrowing requirements.

We speak to the lenders on your behalf to find the best terms suited to you. Better yet, you can get a Decision In Principle on the day you apply, and if approved receive funding within 10 to 28 days! To get a free quote from bridging loan lenders in the UK, fill in our form to speak to an advisor today.


The Best Bridging Loan Lenders In The UK

How To Connect With Bridging Lenders in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1
Enquire Today
You can enquire via our online contact form. A dedicated member of the team will then get in touch to find out about your borrowing requirements. They will also ask for some details about the property, including its location, current value and your intended plans for it.
Step 2
Receive An Offer
Deedle acts as a brokerage service and searches through quotes from over 30 specialist bridging lenders. We do all the hard work for you and will offer you the most competitive deal with an Offer In Principle. This will outline the terms they are willing to lend on.
Step 3
The next step will involve the bridging lender sending your solicitor their list of requirements. If the valuation and the other documents pass all of the necessary checks, then the lender can issue you with a mortgage deed which you can sign on the same day!
Step 4
Receive Funds
Once the solicitors have received the requested documents, the bridging lender will be ready to proceed with your loan and the funds will be released. The whole process should take around 10 to 28 days from start to finish, or may even be faster depending on the situation.

What Is A Bridge Lender?

Bridge loan lenders are financial institutions or private entities that specialises in providing short term financing solutions known as bridging loans. These loans are typically used to bridge the gap between immediate funding needs and longer term financing options, such as traditional mortgages.

Bridge lenders often offer flexible terms, quick approval processes and customised loan structures tailored to the specific needs of borrowers, making them a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking temporary capital for property purchases, renovations or other time-sensitive projects.

If you are looking for bridging lenders in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Scotland, Wales or anywhere else in the rest of the UK, Deedle will connect you to lenders who can offer the best rates and terms on the market. Simply get in touch today and a member of the team will be ready to assist you.


Why Is It Important To Compare Rates From Different Lenders?

To help maximise your chances of approval and ensure that you get the best terms possible, it is important to compare rates from multiple different lenders. At Deedle, we do all the hard work for you and search through our database of over 30 bridging lenders to find the best quote.

Each lender has different eligibility criteria and requirements, so being able to compare bridging loans across the whole of the market can improve your chances of being approved. Some lenders also go through different funding cycles which means that during some periods they may be able to lend additional funds or you may be more likely to be accepted, so it is worthwhile comparing multiple lenders to ensure that you are getting the most competitive deal.

What Can Our Network Of Bridging Lenders Offer?

  • Borrow £50,000 to £25 million
  • Borrow over 3 to 24 months
  • Up to 70% LTV regulated
  • Up to 75% LTV unregulated
  • Rates from 0.44% per month
  • Available in the UK, Scotland and Wales
  • Funding available in 10 to 28 days
  • Residential properties, commercial, new builds & more
  • All credit histories are considered
  • Same day quotes are available
  • Decision In Principle offered within 24 hours
  • First and second legal charges

Get Competitive Rates From Bridging Lenders Today

How Can Deedle Help?

Deedle can connect you to the best bridge loan lenders in the UK. All you have to do is fill in our easy and simple to complete contact form and we will get in touch. We will then do all the hard work for you, comparing rates from over 30 reputable lenders to get the most competitive quote within a few minutes.

If you decide to go ahead, we can assist you throughout the journey and are dedicated to helping applicants secure the right finance for them. Every quote we provide is completely free of charge with no obligation to proceed. We can also help with refinancing or re-bridging if your loan term is coming to an end and you are looking for new or more favourable terms.


What Loan Terms Do We Compare With Different Lenders?

We compare various factors amongst different lenders, including:

  • Loan size
  • Loan duration
  • Loan rates
  • Loan fees
  • Credit scores
  • Eligibility
  • Property size
  • Property type
  • Locations

We can introduce you to bridging lenders who can finance many different types of projects including for agricultural land, bungalows, care homes, chalets, farmhouses, homes, hotels, maisonettes, offices, petrol garages, studio flats, townhouses, warehouses and more. We work with lenders who cover London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Wales, Scotland and most other areas of the UK. Just note that unfortunately we are currently unable to facilitate loans in Ireland.

Do Your Bridging Lenders Accept Bad Credit?

Yes, our bridging loan lenders will consider applicants with a poor credit score. Providing that the property they are looking to use as security is valuable and has potential, then this should not be a problem. You will just need to back up your application with strong financial plans, including costings and an exit strategy.

Do Your Bridging Lenders Carry Out Credit Checks?

No, bridging lenders typically do not carry out credit checks in the first instance. They will primarily focus on the condition of the property and its potential when analysing your loan application.

It is possible that further down the line the lender may run a credit check as part of due diligence. However this should not be an issue unless you have recently faced bankruptcy or any other serious issues. Nevertheless, bridge loan lenders tend to be very open-minded to adverse credit histories.

Find Bridge Loan Lenders Near Me

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridging Loan Lenders

Is A Bridging Lender Right For Me?

Get in touch with Deedle and our expert team of advisers will be able to recommend whether or not you would benefit from a bridging loan. It may be the case that a different type of finance, such as a second charge loan, development finance or mezzanine finance might be better for the project in mind. You can be rest assured that we will place you with the lender best suited to your borrowing needs.

What Fees Will I Be Charged?

Bridging lenders charge a monthly interest rate of around 1%. There will be valuation fees of approximately £500 to £1,000 depending on the size of property. There will also be a broker fee of 1-2%, and solicitor’s fees which depend on the size of the project.

What's The Difference Between Regulated Bridging Lenders And Unregulated Bridging Lenders?

Regulated bridging lenders can lend to someone who is borrowing against their primary residence. They will have extra regulations surrounding credit checks.

Unregulated bridging lenders cannot lend against a primary residence. However, they may be more flexible when it comes to bad credit histories.

What Deposit Is Required For A Bridging Loan?

The minimum deposit typically required for a bridging loan is around 25%. For example, if you wanted to buy a property worth £1 million, you would need to pay a minimum deposit of around £250,000. In some cases you may be eligible for a higher LTV which could mean only paying a deposit of 10-20%.

Do Your Lenders Accept Applicants Who Are Self-Employed?

Yes, most of our customers are self-employed! You do not need to be working for a large company to secure funding. Usually you will need to provide active trading accounts of around 6 months to 2 years, but it is not necessary to be profitable.